Chase Your Dream! If Not You, Then Who?

Chase Your Dream

Are you chasing your dreams? Or are you allowing the world to convince you that you can’t make a difference and are settling for status quo.

It is my dream that leaders across the globe have access to, and open their hearts to the principles of servant leadership. When that happens we will cascade a culture of servant leadership that will have a positive impact on the world.

What Does it Mean to be Committed to Servant Leadership


What does it mean to be committed to being a servant leader, who looks to Jesus as the model for their leadership?

We kicked off our 5/6-Year Leadership Roundtable Group last week. This group of 22 leaders has spent the last 5 years committing themselves to a journey of becoming the leader God created them to be.

Will You Take the Challenge to Build Your Performance


Who do you have in your life that is challenging you to “Fan into flame your gifts from God”? It is clear from reading Paul’s letters to Timothy that Paul played that role for him. (2 Timothy 1:6-7)

I have recently released my first book, A Model of Servant Leadership, with a second due to be released later this year.  I had a number of people that challenged me to write these books to share this message on the importance of servant leadership.

Do You Want Better Teamwork & Performance


Last weekend we decided we wanted to wrap up our maple syrup season on Saturday so that we could spend Easter Sunday together relaxing with our family. To make that happen when the sap had been flying out of the trees for a few days prior, was a major challenge.

We pulled together a team of people that all had a desire and passion to help, and it was incredible what got done in a three day time period. Some people collected sap, others boiled the sap to syrup, others filtered and bottled the syrup, and others cleaned up. Everyone worked in their strength and significantly contributed to the achievement of the goal.

A Model of Servant Leadership

Mark-Deterding-A-Model-of-Servant-Leadership Hard Cover

I am extremely excited to announce the release of my first book:

A Model of Servant Leadership

A couple of years ago I developed a 30 Days of Encouragement Challenge to help people step up their game on encouragement and positive recognition. As leaders took this daily challenge they found it became a habit to look for ways to lift people up. I continually get feedback on the positive impact this challenge is having on people’s lives.

Servant Leadership is the Key to Success!

Servant Leadership

I read a great article last week by Eric McNulty, “You’ve Got to Serve Someone”. The article references an extensive study that basically validated the positive impact that a culture of servant leadership has on individual and organization performance.

It is always nice to receive quantitative evidence to support what servant leaders have always believed. The secret to making a significant positive impact in this world is to be focused on the greater good of others above and beyond yourself.

Where Are You Focusing Your Energy For Success?

Need Help?

Do you sometimes follow a plan or strategy to the detriment of the overall purpose of what you are trying to achieve? We can often times have the best laid plans, but certain things in the middle of the game can throw us off.

I have a maple syrup operation that I thoroughly enjoy. It is so different from anything I have ever done from a career standpoint. It challenges me to learn to be flexible, and at times just stop, slow the game down, and reflect on the purpose of the activity.

How Do You Bounce Back From Adversity?


Have you ever had times when you lost a big customer? When you had a major quality problem that caused an issue with a customer? When you lost a key employee? When your children disappointed you?

We all have times in our personal or professional life when things seem to be working against us. How do you react and carry yourself when things like this happen? 

Do Your Good Looks Make You a Servant Leader

Appearance has nothing to do with Servant Leadership

While watching movie stars come walking out on the red carpet before the Oscars I was thinking about what these people are really like behind the facade of their make-up, fine clothes, and jewelry that they don themselves with on this night. They might be the people they appear to be, or they might not. They might have a heart for servant leadership or they might not. After all they are actors.

I see servant leaders every day; they are not acting, and there is certainly no pattern to how they “look”. An ability to act, and physical appearance might have something to do with things in Hollywood, but not in the area of servant leadership.

How Important is Leadership to the Success of Your Team?

MN Wild Outdoor Game

How important is leadership to the success of your team? For MN Wild Hockey fans the answer to this question has become very clear in the last week.

From January – February 14 the MN Wild had only won 3 out of its last 19 hockey games and had lost 8 consecutive games. This type of performance was not what fans expected from a very talented group of players.