Have you articulated, documented, and shared your personal leadership point of view? If not, I would challenge you to make this one of your goals for 2012.

As a servant leader it is very important to foster relationships with people within your organization. One of the best ways to develop an environment of trust that will enable relationships to flourish is for you as the leader to openly share your leadership point of view.

Components would include your background, what has shaped your development as a leader, your purpose, core values, and vision for your future, as well as your leadership philosophy.

There is a lot of power in this process. From a personal standpoint it can clarify and provide direction for both your short term and long-term decisions and actions. Having a clear purpose, vision, and values will guide your journey and provide direction and accountability for yourself.

Sharing your leadership point of view within your organization, allows your people to see you as a real person, will break down barriers, and will create an atmosphere of freedom, and a reduction of fear. It will enhance the relationships that you have with your people.

Last week I received feedback from a leader that I had worked with that shared his leadership point of view with 40 of his top leaders within his company. He was amazed with the positive responses that he received. His leaders expressed sincere appreciation, felt pride in the organization, and were thankful for the model of driving relationships.

Make a point in 2012 to articulate, document, and share your personal leadership point of view!

Mark Deterding

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