There are many different definitions of a servant leader. Jesus is the ultimate model of servant leadership. His purpose was totally dedicated to thinking about the greater good of others, above and beyond himself. Hebrews 12:2


I think all those people who have served, and are serving our country in the military, are true servant leaders as well.


Attributes of our military personnel that align with servant leadership:

  • Dedicated to making our world a safer and better place
  • Dedicated to improvement and high performance
  • Willing to sacrifice their time, effort, and energy for the greater good of others
  • Put their life on the line for this purpose


A heartfelt thanks doesn’t seem sufficient to appreciate these phenomenal people. But it is sure a good place to start.


Appreciate those people who are serving our country in the military

  • Pray for them daily
  • Write letters to them – thank them for the work they are doing
  • Send them care packages that will lighten their day
  • Welcome them home with open arms, love, and gratitude for all they have done
  • Never forget their sacrifice!


On Memorial Day I find myself thinking about my Dad. He served our country in the Army on the front lines of Korea. He never wanted to talk about those days. I think there were too many bad memories that he didn’t want to re-kindle.


I know I hold a great deal of pride knowing the sacrifices my Dad made for making a better and safer life for me. He gave for his country, and I am proud of that. Thanks Dad!


While we just finished celebrating Memorial Day Weekend, let us always remember the amazing people we have serving, and have served in our military. They are true servant leaders and a model for all of us to follow in thinking about the greater good of others!


Happy Memorial Day!

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. John 15:13