Now that we have moved into October and the final quarter of the year, I think it is a good time for a 3rd Quarter check-up. As a coach, I encourage everyone to have annual goals that they are working on throughout the year. And just like it is good to have an annual physical health check-up, it is also good to do a personal goals check-up. A 3rd Quarter check-up can provide the following:

  • Assessment as to your progress on what you set out to accomplish this year
  • Exposure to goals not yet completed but what you still would like to accomplish within the year
  • Exposure to accomplishments that need to be celebrated
  • A time to develop an “I’m thankful for” list (I encourage this every quarter)
  • A time to start thinking about and developing goals for next year

Once you have your check-up completed I would encourage the following deliverables from the process:

  • Scorecard on what goals are completed and what is yet to be done
  • A 3-month game plan for the goals yet to be completed this year
  • An appropriate celebration scheduled for significant accomplishments to date
  • Generation of an initial draft of goals for next year
  • Generation of an I’m thankful for” list that you share with people you care about

Since I am in the first full year of my business, Triune Leadership Services, this is an especially important process for me. I have tried to stay true to my purpose of  “Awaken the hearts of leaders and help them to lead at a higher level to enable them to achieve their God-given potential” and my values. I have exceeded all my goals for coaching clients, business clients, and Leadership Roundtables, as well as civic activities. I still have work to do on servant events and a couple of other special initiatives.

Things that I am thankful for would include:

  • My relationship with Jesus and his promise of eternal life
  • My amazing wife and sons and daughter-in-law, as well as my extended family
  • Good health
  • My friends and family who encouraged me to start this business and continually provide guidance and prayer support
  • All of the outstanding people that God has blessed me with the opportunity to work with this year including coaching clients, business clients, and Leadership Roundtable participants. You are all the greatest!
  • Knowledge gained during the year of the benefits of social media, and the new friends I have met and that I learn from due to that experience.

I would encourage you to take your 3rd Quarter check-up, and also articulate and share what you are thankful for.

Mark Deterding