Do you struggle to find people to work for your organization or business? Rather than focusing all of your efforts outward to bring people in, you might actually want to start by looking at your organization’s environment first.

Given the choice, people will seek out the place where servant leadership is the norm. But building a culture of servant leadership won’t happen by sitting in your office and expecting it to naturally evolve. In fact it is quite the opposite. It requires you to proactively go out and model service to your team on a constant basis.

Building a culture of servant leadership is a mission, not maintenance!

Your responsibility as a servant leader is to be completely different from the traditional manager that loves to provide answers, bark out orders and ridicule people when things have gone wrong.

I go into great detail on how to be intentional about building a culture of servant leadership in my soon to be released book, Leading Jesus’ Way. Fundamentally it gets down to getting out of your office and into the mix with your team.

  • Look for ways to serve on a daily basis
  • Ask great questions to continue to advance development
  • Mentor by sharing experiences that will be additive to their journey
  • Praise and thank for work well done
  • Train where necessary
  • Build genuine relationships by showing interest in their lives away from work


People are not going to come to your office window to observe how you conduct yourself as a leader. You must go to them! When you do go to them you will make a difference in their lives which will be contagious to outsiders. Build your team inside and people will gravitate towards your organization.

How much time are you spending out among your team, rolling up your sleeves and modeling servant leadership?



Whoever says he abides in him ought to walk in the same way in which he walked. 1 John 2:6