Servant leaders can enhance their relationships by choosing to model the behaviors of love outlined in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. The eighth and final behavior mentioned is commitment.

Commitment is sticking to your choices and being committed to the commitments that you make in life. This is the final behavior that I will be talking about in this series and it definitely pulls together all of the aforementioned behaviors that we have discussed. Without commitment we will never move the needle on improvement in any areas of our leadership.

A true servant leader will be committed to setting aside their own wants and needs and seek the greatest good for others.

True commitment is a vision about individual and group growth with continuous improvement. The committed leader is dedicated to growing, stretching, and continuously improving to become the best leader they can be, and the people that they lead deserve.

It is also a passion for the people and the team, always pushing them to become the best that they can be, never asking more than they as a leader are willing to give and grow themselves.

When speaking of commitment, I can’t help but think of the greatest role model of servant leadership there ever was, Jesus. He was absolutely committed to carrying out his mission to the point of death on the cross. Now that’s true commitment on behalf of those he served!

This concludes the series on behaviors that servant leaders should work to model to help them build relationships in their workplace, and in their personal lives. These behaviors are all certainly a tall task for us, but they provide a great guideline for helping us in our daily activities on how we should conduct ourselves to be effective leaders.

Will you commit with me to be intentional about constantly working to improve in this area? If we do, it will make the world a better place!

Mark Deterding