We are discussing ways that servant leaders can enhance relationships by choosing to model the behaviors of love outlined in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7.

 The second behavior is kindness. Kindness is giving attention, appreciation, and encouragement. I really feel this is one of the most impactful behaviors that a leader can employ in the effective development of relationships. Who among us does not like getting attention, appreciation, and encouragement.

 Why is it then, that we are so often focused on what has gone wrong, or problems within the workplace? I am absolutely convinced that people do not come into work and say to themselves “What am I going to mess up today”. No, everyone is working to do the very best they can to provide an honest day’s work and advance the purpose of the organization forward. So why do leaders expend so much energy on the negative?

 I would encourage you to be intentional about catching people (or your children / or your spouse) doing the “right thing”! Let them know you have recognized it, what positive impact it has had on the organization or family, and how much you appreciate the effort that produced the results. Also then encourage them to keep up the great work. This will build self-esteem, which sets up a powerful cycle of personal growth, willingness to take risks, and the production of continued great results.

 There is nothing more fun and energizing than participating in an organization that has an environment and culture of positive recognition. There is true power in cheering each other on, and being intentional about being kind to one another. I guarantee it will produce results, and people will love being on your team.

 Go out this week and see how many times you can catch people doing the right thing, and let them know how much you appreciate their efforts. Let me know about some ways you are intentional about this practice.

Mark Deterding