I hope you had a wonderful day on Sunday celebrating Easter and our Risen Lord with your loved ones! Every Easter people celebrate with meals and family get-togethers. Many gather to worship with the largest church crowds they’ve seen all year; others join small groups to rejoice quietly in places where gathering is life threatening.


Your challenge is to not allow the resurrection of our Lord be a one Sunday event, but instead allow the truth to truly impact and affect your life on a daily basis.


Six steps to focus on Easter and live out its truths


  1. Spend some time in prayer meditating on your purpose. 

    God created you to be a servant leader. Jesus modeled the way for you by focusing on his purpose to proclaim truth, deliver on his Father’s will, and save all of mankind. Following this model will invigorate you to stay in tune to your purpose and do everything you can to serve those within your sphere of influence.


  1. Reach out to someone who has seemingly lost hope and build his or her energy.

    Be a model of resurrection hope for them this week. Take somebody to lunch. Let them know how important their work is. Offer a prayer. Encourage them and be that light to the resurrection promise.


  1. Serve with renewed vigor and build your performance.

    If you’ve lost your passion for the people you serve, let the truths of the resurrection sink in. God is not dead. The days in the tomb only make the day of resurrection that much brighter. Even if you think you’re the only person in your organization that is serving, serve with resurrection steam. You will be pleasantly surprised by the response of your people.


  1. Give somebody a second chance by offering forgiveness and building a relationship. 

    This can be a hard one. Often times when you are hurt it is hard to forgive. If you dwell upon the pain that Jesus took for us, you can more easily forgive someone who has hurt you. Give somebody that chance. Getting in the habit of forgiveness will enhance your relationships and expand your level of influence.


  1. Model servant leadership clearly and concisely. 

    The Easter season provides the perfect platform to model and talk about servant leadership. Jesus was 100% focused on the greater good of others. Your job is to live and communicate that leading is serving others as well. So, be very intentional about modeling servant leadership in a way that everyone can understand. Point people of all ages through your actions to the resurrected Lord, as he is the perfect model of leadership.


  1. Let God surprise you. 

    Even though you know the end of the story, it is still a wonderful feeling to bask in the wonder of the resurrection. God operates outside of your understanding. He is not limited to your boundaries. Allow yourself to be in tune to the divine appointments and situations that he puts you in, and capitalize on them. Then thank God for all he has done for you!


As you move past this Easter season, continue to be in tune to the resurrected Lord. Allow Him to surprise you with His glory this week and every week thereafter. Then serve others as He served you.

He is not here; he has risen! Remember how he told you, while he was still with you in Galilee: ‘The Son of Man must be delivered over to the hands of sinners, be crucified and on the third day be raised again.’ Luke 24:6-7