Are you taking the 35 Days of Encouragement Challenge? I have been very inspired by the comments from people that started the challenge last week.  It is exciting to see how it has impacted them in the first few days of the challenge.

I am taking the challenge as well. I have always felt that there is not much more important on a leader’s plate after insuring that purpose, vision, and values are well articulated and constantly communicated than being an encourager. Lifting people up, building their self-esteem at every interaction will lead to a very productive environment in which people will thrive.

My great revelation in the first week of the challenge is that the more that you are intentional about encouraging people, the more you will be encouraged yourself. It has been fascinating. I have never had such an uplifting week in my life as I worked harder at being more intentional about encouraging others.

Here is a sample of the amazing comments from people that have stepped into the challenge so far:

  • The “aha” I have had so far in this process is that too often leaders focus on encouraging those under their leadership, not realizing that encouragement with peers or with the people leading them also goes a very long way in the culture of a company.
  • What a breath of fresh air. There is so much negativity in the air, and it’s great to see and experience the various examples of encouragement. We all need it. 
  • A practical way that we seek to verbally encourage people is in restaurants. Waiters and waitresses deal with the public all day long and can be exposed to some pretty demanding and even rude treatment. We try to be the best customers they’ve had all day! This has lead to some remarkable conversations, Gospel interactions, and prayer opportunities. Encouragement. It works!
  • Yesterday was such a joy. I had the opportunity to pray with a co-worker and bring her flowers in a moment of great distress.
  • Encouraging others is difficult for me. However, I feel so warm when I do encourage someone, seeing and feeling the reaction as you lift them up.
  • One thing I taught my sons when they were in high school was to appreciate the cooks and the janitors.  The cooks give you an extra scoop and the janitors have the key to the gym.  So today I made a point to thank the cook, front door guard, the techs, mailroom people, in others words those behind the scenes.

Make encouragement a daily part of your routine.  It’s not too late to join us in this journey.  Click this link to join the movement on servant leadership and encouragement – 35 Days of Encouragement Challenge.  


Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing. 

1 Thessalonians 5:11