Happy 4th of July week! I hope you are all planning to take some time to spend with your family and friends this week. This is one of my favorite holidays of the year, for what it represents and the pride I have in being an American, and for the tradition of our family getting together at the lake to enjoy time together in God’s creation.

We are all extremely fortunate to live in this great country where we enjoy the freedom to pursue our interests in our career, live where we want to live, visit places we want to see, and worship where we want to worship. 

I’ve mentioned in past blogs the importance of maintaining balance in your life to be an effective servant leader. It is very easy to get too wrapped up in our work, and unconsciously move some more important things like faith, family, and physical health down the priority list. It takes being very intentional to maintain the proper balance in your life.

Taking time off to re-charge your battery, allows a leader to be the very best for the people that they serve. Independence Day is a great holiday to remind us to take time with your family and friends in the heart of the summer to enjoy some time away and relax.

Enjoy this upcoming holiday week, re-charge, think about how you should prioritize your time moving forward, and praise God for this great nation that we live in.

Mark Deterding