I achieved a key milestone in my development as a coach last week. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) in recognition of my training, experience and competency awarded me the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential. 

When I decided to establish Triune Leadership Services, I wanted to be able to provide personalized service to leaders that wanted to advance their leadership competencies, particularly in the area of servant leadership. Additionally I committed to do whatever was necessary to be the very best coach I could be, specializing in working with high-performance professionals to develop their capabilities and achieve their objectives.

High performing leaders deserve a coach that is well trained and recognized by the International Coaching Federation. Fortunately I had some great mentors and coaches myself that provided the necessary guidance on education and experience that I would require to make this credential possible.

I feel blessed by all the people that have honored me by providing me the opportunity to serve them as their coach. I also commit to continued development through additional education and the utilization of a mentor coach myself. Never being satisfied with the status quo is a key attribute of a servant leader, therefore this is just another step along the journey of constantly driving to be the best for my clients.

I have never enjoyed my work as much as I do right now. There is nothing more rewarding than getting a chance to partner with high performing leaders that also are not satisfied with their status quo, and want to advance their skills and what they achieve in their lifetime.

I wish you all a great week, and continued development in your journey!

Mark Deterding