You invest tremendously in your leadership role. Your time. Your energy. Your mind power.


Your soul.


That’s how it should be. The truth is, if you weren’t investing at that level, you wouldn’t be doing it right.


The question is…


Are you satisfied – in your very soul – with the return you’re getting for all the energy you put in?


There is only one way to experience soul-deep satisfaction in how you lead. And that is to align how you lead with God’s unique intention for your leadership. To, as my friend Brent Smith puts it, “make Jesus smile” with how you lead.


Do you know what it feels like to learn how to make Jesus smile at your leadership?


According to leaders who’ve taken my Faith-Based Servant Leadership Training, it feels like this:




“Like nothing I’ve experienced before. It has changed my life.”


“The most worthwhile work that I have ever participated in.”


A new session of my 6-week online course is now open for registration. I would like you to seriously consider enrolling in this course and joining the next group of leaders starting on their servant leadership journey on Monday, September 4.




Because, universally, the leaders who take this course report deeper alignment with God’s will for their leadership. Through learning how to model one of the most impactful servant leaders of all time, Jesus Christ, they fundamentally transform how they lead.


They change.


In response to this change, the people they lead change. It’s a change that unleashes deep joy, personal fulfillment, and tremendous energy and focus throughout their organizations.


Business results can’t help but follow suit. With a commitment to faith-based servant leadership, my clients’ experiences confirm that when you primarily focus on your people, your company’s performance drastically improves.


You can preview the course for free here.


Why does this online training produce change and results?


To answer that question, let me tell you how this course was developed.


Before founding my own company, I spent my entire career in the printing industry. I started on the shop floor in the same plant where my Dad worked, and then worked my way up for the next 35 years. In my last couple of roles, I had responsibility for thousands of employees and ten business unit presidents as my direct reports.


I don’t know if you know much about the printing industry. But let me tell you — it’s as challenging, tough, and cost cutting a business as you can imagine. That’s the environment in which I cut my teeth as an executive leader.


It’s also the environment where I learned first-hand what happens to people when they’re subjected to conventional, command-and-control leadership. It’s not just the employees who get hurt. The people leading get hurt, too.


I know, because I was one of them.


Now, I was fortunate. I’d always had a solid role model for how to manage people. My Dad was the epitome of the servant leader (though no one called it that at the time). He was always lifting people up, encouraging them, and helping them see the best versions of themselves, even when – especially when – they couldn’t see that potential in themselves.


My Dad set the standard for how to lead other people, and I followed his lead.


But as I got higher and higher up the executive ladder, I found that the waters got murkier. My responsibilities mounted and got more complex and nuanced. My stresses got heavier. And the gap between how I wanted to lead and how I was expected to lead widened.


Increasingly, I found myself being forced into decisions that were not aligned with my values, let alone my approach to leadership. That was painful for me. I began to loathe going in to work each day, knowing the spiritual sacrifices I’d be pressured into making. I could feel my soul taking hit after hit. And I knew the people I was leading were in even worse shape.


So many nights, I turned to God in prayer. Since high school, I’d been fascinated with scripture; with the stories and the strength I found there. Now that I was a leader, I realized that when I was feeling lost, there was no better source of wisdom than that offered by the ultimate and most successful servant leader, Jesus Christ.


Through intentionally examining how Jesus led in his most challenging crises, I was always able to discern a path forward for myself. I’m not just talking about faith and hope, here. I’m talking about real, concrete, boots-on-the-ground tactics that I could use at work the very next day to more closely lead like Jesus did.


Learning to model Jesus made all the difference – not just for me, but for my ability to support the people I led to move through their struggles, persevere, and go on to fulfill their God-given potential.


I eventually left the environment of constant cost control and lack of appreciation for people to follow my passion — to help people to lead at a “higher level.” At that time, I had a number of mentors urging me to spread the message of “leading Jesus’ way” as far and wide as I could.


That’s exactly what I’ve been committed to doing, through a Jesus-centric servant leadership model, book, and now this new session of my online training course.


So far, the results of leaders putting faith-based leadership into practice have been tremendous. Clients with a 4-5 year track record of committed faith-based servant leadership have enjoyed significant increases in employee engagement, sales, number of clients served, number of employees hired, and earnings.


Most importantly, they have been supported to gain soul-deep satisfaction in how they lead:


“The results speak for themselves, but the true value is the positive impact you will have on people’s lives within your sphere of influence.”

-Tom Schabel, CEO, Alexandria Industries


“This training has shaped my leadership point of view, has provided greater direction and accountability in both my work and personal life, and has strengthened my relationship with the Lord.”

-Jim Emter, CEO, VanAhn and Company, Inc. 


I built my online course to help leaders I have never met and may never meet how to experience soul-deep satisfaction as Faith-Based Servant Leaders.


In this course, you will learn…


  • WHY Jesus was able to take a handful of people and build a worldwide movement that’s now 2-billion strong.


  • How you can take concrete steps to model Jesus in the way you personally lead people in your organization, your community, and your family.


  • The critical difference between conventional leaders and leaders who use Jesus as their personal leadership coach, and the significant business impact that difference makes.


  • The entire model — along with the tools and the resources — that hundreds of leaders have used to fundamentally transform how they lead into highly successful, deeply significant, and 100% soul-satisfied faith-based servant leaders.


The course is online and self-paced. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be supported every step of the way. Each week, you will have a one-hour conference call with me and your other classmates. I will personally answer your questions and provide feedback to your personal insights and epiphanies as you move through course videos and worksheets.


You will not be disappointed in any way with your experience in this course.


If you are, I will give you a 100% refund of your investment.


That is how confident I am in the value you will gain through investing in your God-given potential.


That is how confident I am that you will significantly increase your personal ROI, as a leader.


I’d be honored if you would preview the course, for free.


Blessings on your continued journey of leading Jesus’ way,




Let us now become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Galatians 6:9