I am really excited about the next two weeks. December is graduation month for our Leadership Roundtable Groups for 2012.

This year we had 96 leaders in three communities in Minnesota participating in 5 Leadership Roundtable Groups. These leaders attend 7 sessions learning the principles of servant leadership and how Jesus specifically modeled those principles throughout his life on earth.

Leadership Roundtable participants are all high-performing leaders that have a passion to continually develop their skills to become the very best leader they can be for the people that they are serving in both their personal and professional lives. It is inspiring to see leaders continue to develop their hearts for serving others and realize the positive impact they can have in their sphere of influence as they lead from an attitude of service.

The Roundtables are building a sense of unity around the impact of servant leadership, as senior leaders from all areas including manufacturing, education, healthcare, non-profits, and civic come together to learn these principles.

One goal of the Roundtable is to have participants develop and clarify their personal leadership point of view. This includes the documentation of their mentors and events that have shaped their thinking, as well as their purpose and values, and their specific leadership philosophy.

The final session in December consists of each of the leaders sharing their leadership point of view with the rest of the group. This is traditionally one of the most impactful sessions of the year.

Anytime a leader becomes transparent and shares their leadership point of view many powerful things take place between the parties involved including:

  • Deeper relationships
  • Clarity
  • Emotion
  • Understanding
  • Vulnerability
  • Empathy

Now you understand my enthusiasm for the upcoming final sessions of Leadership Roundtable.

Congratulations to all the 2012 graduates!