I had two fabulous sessions this week with 2nd and 3rd Year Leadership Roundtable Groups. The participants in these sessions are leaders who have 4-23-13 Leader Roundtable_NEWbeen through the initial year of servant leadership training in the Leadership Roundtable and are continuing their journey to become proficient servant leaders.

We started out the year reviewing their personal and professional progress towards implementing the servant leadership tools and skills that they have been learning over the last few years.

Everyone is at different points in their journey.  It was very clear that the reason they were continuing with the Leadership Roundtable was to be associated with a group of leaders with a heart for servant leadership who can learn from each other and who hold each other accountable for implementing servant leadership practices in their lives. There is no question that these leaders will advance further in their proficiency of servant leadership because they are intentionally participating in these groups.

Servant leaders are intentional about putting themselves into a position of accountability so they are continually challenged to improve their leadership skills.

Virtually all of the people that hire me as an executive coach are doing so to be intentional about becoming a better servant leader and want to have someone to hold him or her accountable for their progress.

I also have clients that have hired people onto their executive teams that are experts in the area of culture and organizational development, to be their inside person to hold them accountable for their progress.

It takes significant effort to be an effective servant leader.  Therefore it seems necessary to intentionally align yourself with a coach, a mentor, an advisor, a truth-teller or with a group of like-minded leaders as you walk through your journey of servant leadership.

There are numerous ways to step into accountability and progress faster towards your goals for your leadership and life. What are you doing to insure you are advancing your skills at the rate that you would like?


“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”  Proverbs 27:17