Last week the world lost a great leadership mentor when Zig Ziglar passed away. It made me think of the profound impact that people can have when they are intentional about adding value to people’s lives.

Upon hearing of Zig’s passing Ken Blanchard tweeted the following: Zig was such an amazing guy. One of my goals is to make a difference in peoples’ lives just like he did.”

I never had the opportunity to personally meet Zig Ziglar but certainly was familiar with his thinking on motivation and leadership, and his many invaluable quotes on the subject. I do however know Ken Blanchard, who knew Zig very well, and to have him say that he wants to be like Zig in impacting people made me understand the impact of this loss.

Ken Blanchard and a few of his thought leaders like Chris Edmonds, have had such a profound impact on my life and my leadership point of view. They have walked beside me, taught me, mentored me, and sent me out to spread the word on servant leadership and purpose driven, values based culture development.

This reminds me of the power of multiplication in building culture within a family, a company, a community, and a world. I always think about Jesus and his senior leadership team of 12. Jesus spent many hours walking beside, training, mentoring, modeling, and praying for these 12 leaders. He then sent them out to do the same thing. These 12 have become over 2.5 billion Christians.

I feel honored to be in the lineage of servant leadership development of Ken Blanchard and one of his mentors Zig Ziglar. I feel blessed to now have the opportunity to work with leaders to continue to spread the secret to effective leadership – Servant Leadership. There is then nothing better than seeing people that I have had an opportunity to work with, passing it on by walking beside, training, mentoring, modeling, and praying for those people in their sphere of influence.

The power of multiplication is at work, thanks to the active intentions of people like Zig Ziglar and Ken Blanchard to make a difference in people’s lives.

Let’s all stay intentional about keeping it going!


“You can have everything in life that you want if you just help other people get what they want” – Zig Ziglar