It seems we are experiencing a turbulent time in our country right now, but as a servant leader, you must maintain a positive attitude.

This can certainly be challenging, especially when considering some of the latest events in the news. However, it all the more iterates the importance of mastering your thoughts and focus.

Focusing Your Thoughts

As a leader, you have the choice of placing your focus in one of two directions:

1. You can focus on empty things like the news, weather, trials at work, gossip, worry, a sports team’s poor performance, missed deadlines, etc.

2. You can focus on receiving God’s gift of “Fullness of Time”. This means focusing your thoughts and attention on things like love, the beauty of His creation, purpose, relationships, family, the church, blessings, etc.

Fullness of Time in Your Work

Finding the “Fullness of Time” outside of work may seem much easier, but it should also be brought with you to each work day. By doing this, you will help to bring added focus to not only your own work, but you will also help to build energy within your team. Here are some ways to do so:

  • Look for ways to recognize people for their efforts and work well done
  • Be grateful for the work of your team, for customers, for leaders and owners and don’t forget your vendors
  • Go out of your way to engage in meaningful conversations with people throughout the organization to build relationships
  • Start every meeting with celebrations on what has gone well

You may be surprised on the impact this can have on not only your life, but those around you.  Whenever and wherever Jesus is “sent forth,” time fills up with beauty, meaning, vision, purpose and love.  We need more of that in our world right now!

So remember, God will always provide “Fullness of Time” when you make your life ready to receive it.

Do you have a secret for maintaining your focus? Share it in the comments below.



But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son… Galatians 4:4