That the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work.

2 Timothy 3:17

The highest level of leadership competency never happens without a plan.

This past week, I marveled at our Small Group Bible Study leader. We were looking at some leaders from the Old Testament and how God trained them up through trials and hardship to be effective in leading others. He was reciting story after story of Old Testament leaders as if he himself had walked the earth with them. When asked how he was so knowledgeable about these facts, he quickly said, “Well, I study Scripture every day!”

An intentional plan of development, towards the highest level of competency.

What is your plan?

What is your plan for your own personal development this year? And what is your plan for investing in the development your people in 2018?

If you are located in the Minnesota area, I encourage you to consider the Triune Leadership Services Leadership RoundTable (LRT). Beginning on March 9 in Willmar and on March 13 in Alexandria, LRT will provide you with a concrete, actionable model of servant leadership based on the master servant leader, Jesus.

You will be supported to understand exactly how to bring your faith into how you lead, so that you can begin drawing out the God-given potential of yourself and others. Here are just a few experiences from recent participants:

The LRT is life-transforming training. It helps articulate leadership skills you have, and ones you need. It is excellent on so many levels. Every leader in every community will benefit.

LRT was a great program for me to ask some very difficult, but important questions about myself as a leader. The environment is open and it is a comfortable place to make you vulnerable to the point of humility.

LRT is not just a random class with topics that are dated. It is constantly adapting to the ever-changing work and business climate. I learned more about my leadership strengths and shortcomings here than anywhere else. Couple that with measuring servant leadership against that of Christ really gives you something great to aspire to.

Learn more about Triune Leadership Services Leadership RoundTable.

If you live in other parts of the country, I encourage you to consider the Triune Leadership Services Online Training.

Be ready to radically change your life and your approach to leadership. The results speak for themselves, but the true value of Mark Deterding’s faith-based servant leadership training is the positive impact you will have on people’s lives within your sphere of influence.”

Learn more about Triune Leadership Services Online Training.

Consider, are you willing to model the behavior you desire from others?

If you expect improvement within the team you lead, you’ll need show the way. Model the self-improvement you want so that others will know what the process looks like. Enter into Triune’s growth environment to ensure you stay accountable. Surround yourself with high performers and with people who want to grow and who will challenge you.

Take control of your personal growth. Learn how to leverage your faith in order to become a highly competent and effective servant leader.

Developing yourself and learning how to draw out the God-given potential of others will:

  • Enhance your skills to enable you be the best you can be for the people you serve;
  • Keep your mind active and learning;
  • Keep you from becoming lazy and complacent;
  • Enhance your ability to make a significant positive impact in society;
  • Provide a profound model of faith-based servant leadership development for your team.

We’re already well in to 2018. Have you built development plans for your team members yet?

Now is the time to start. Leaving leadership development to chance is a risky business. Get your people involved in their development plans. What do they need and want to work on improving this year, not just technically, but in how they lead themselves and others? Explore Triune’s training options, budget the costs, and then hold people accountable for the development they experience with us.

Every Triune Leadership Development Program is 100% Guaranteed.

We back all of our training with a 100% guarantee. We bear the risk of helping your team members become the leaders God created them to be.

You can and will see the financial return of your investment in developing your people. And, you will experience countless other benefits, as well.

Developing your team members will significantly build their energy as they gain appreciation for the way the organization is investing (and believing!) in them. Across your organization, loyalty will deepen, retention will improve, and engagement and satisfaction will soar. People will work with greater focus and passion, which will significantly enhance your culture.

Your Next Steps

Research the Triune Leadership Services Leadership RoundTable and the Triune Leadership Services Online Training. Determine which option is the best fit for you and your team.

Beginning in March, make 2018 a year of leadership development for your organization. The people you are serving will thank you for it!



All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.

Proverbs 14:23