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Ibelieve that you were called to be a servant leader but it won’t happen by accident. You’ve really got to step into some intention around making that happen.

Transforming Lives & Cultures Through SERVANT LEADERSHIP

Welcome. My name is Mark Deterding and I am the founder and principle of Triune Leadership Services and I am so glad you are here. My goal through Triune is to build up servant leaders and to transform organizational cultures. As a trusted expert in Servant Leadership, I have successfully led many companies and teams through culture change not only as the leader of the organization but also as a coach and consultant. Through the combination of my experiences and training, I am able to bring an effective blend of actionable processes, proven tools and applicable expertise to guide executives and emerging leaders into not only a path of success, but significance. I work with executives and their senior leadership teams to equip them with the principles of servant leadership and the process to effectively institutionalize a culture of servant leadership within their organization. This is why I’ve developed a compilation of resources to help you as you grow and develop into an effective servant leader. Building this type of culture is not only the best way to effectively provide for your employees, customers and stakeholders, but it will also provide a lasting legacy that will live on for many generations. Contrary to what you may believe, servant leadership is not soft. It takes dedication and a life-long commitment to serving others, measuring results and living with purpose. Triune Leadership Services can help you discover the power of servant leadership! So the question is, are you ready to start?


TLS Purpose: Awaken the servant hearts within leaders and equip them to make a significant impact on the world. TLS Vision: Equip leaders around the world with the principles of servant leadership that will enable them to mentor people within their sphere of influence and cascade a culture of servant leadership to make a positive impact on society. TLS Values:
  • Honor God in everything we do. “Whatever we do, we work at it with all our heart…It is the Lord Jesus that we are serving” – Colossians 3:23, 24
  • Relationships drive results. We choose to exhibit the behaviors outlined in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8: Patience, Kindness, Humility, Respectfulness, Selflessness, Forgiveness, Honesty, Commitment. When we do so, we view client partnerships and their success as the real reward.
  • Commitment to excellence. We deliver on our commitments. We also continually advance our knowledge and the value we provide on behalf of our clients
  • Trust one another. We will trust our clients and vendors and we will earn trust through honesty and integrity in all we do.






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