I had an extremely inspiring week last week. We kicked off a new year of Leadership Roundtable Groups that are focused on learning the principles of servant leadership.

Last year we had one group of 24 leaders in Alexandria, MN participate in the Leadership Roundtable experience. This year we have 4 Leadership Roundtable Groups, 3 in Alexandria, MN and 1 in Willmar, MN involving about 70 leaders. I am currently talking to two other communities about starting up Leadership Roundtable Groups as well.

It is so encouraging to see the level of enthusiasm for self-development and learning more about servant leadership by people who are leading others within these communities in out-state Minnesota. There is no question in my mind, that not only are the businesses that these leaders serve, going to greatly benefit from moving towards a culture of servant leadership, but the entire community will benefit as well.

As people within communities embrace the idea that they are there first and foremost to serve others and the greater good, can you imagine what can take place?

I had a great question from a participant this week in one of our initial sessions. He asked: “Given the data and clear statistics that companies that embrace a culture of servant leadership far outperform the norm in profitability, employee retention, safety, employee satisfaction, etc., why don’t more companies and leaders embrace this type of leadership philosophy and culture?

What a GREAT question!! I certainly have my opinions on this, but I would like your thoughts on this subject. Please weigh in on this question by posting a comment. All of our readers will benefit and it might lead to some interesting insights on the subject. 

Have an awesome upcoming week!

Mark Deterding

Maple Syrup Report: In the first week we collected 12 gallons of sap. The weather actually got very warm this week and the temps are not dropping below freezing at night, which you need to get the optimum sap flow. We’ll see what the upcoming week brings.