Mothers are typically great servant leaders. I think there is a certain amount of instinct in being a great Mom, but those that work at it intentionally will definitely make an impact for generations.

I am totally enjoying the opportunity to see a wonderful example of three phenomenal Moms illustrating a model of servant leadership to my granddaughter, Sylvia. Her Mother, and her two Grandmas are each an exceptional blessing to Sylvia.

Seeing Sylvia follow these three amazing Mom’s around, watching their every move, gives me great joy in knowing what a super Mom she will be some day if given that opportunity.

This is what I am seeing being modeled by these three amazing women:

  • Building the Foundation for what being a great Mom looks like. The foundation of motherhood is love. I see Sylvia’s Mom endlessly giving of her time and showing her what unconditional love looks like. I also see both of her Grandmas illustrating the most tender touch and love as they build a bond that only Grandmas can do.
  • Building Energy for enjoying life and learning. Sylvia can sense that what she is doing is important, as her Mom and Grandmas cheer her on every step of the way. They are intentional about encouraging her in all she is doing, and you can see her beaming as she feels so appreciated.
  • Building Performance as her Mom is working with her daily on her vocabulary, skills, and behaviors. Maybe as a parent you don’t remember how quickly your children progress in these areas, but seeing someone who is 17 months old be able to talk, comprehend, and perform like she does can only happen with someone working consistently and directly on helping them develop. Sylvia is truly blessed with an amazing teacher for her Mom!
  • Building Relationships by listening to Sylvia’s needs and addressing them, and choosing the behaviors of love such as patience, kindness, selflessness, honesty, and commitment. Seeing these behaviors modeled will stick with Sylvia her entire life.
  • Building Character by illustrating to Sylvia that she can trust these three no matter what. Seeing Sylvia call out to her Mom or to her Grandma and then as she is picked up nestle her head into their arms and body and see her contentment is a true illustration of the trust she has for her Mom and her Grandmas.

I am certainly very thankful for the awesome models of servant leadership that I have had in my life from my Mom, as well as my wife, and now my daughter-in-law. Hopefully everyone had the opportunity on Sunday to let their Moms in their life know, how much they appreciate them and their model of servant leadership.

Mark Deterding

My son, keep your father’s command and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.

Proverbs 6:20