An important aspect of being a servant leader is the value of continuous improvement and self-development. Early this year I started on a journey to achieve certification from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  The certification process involves a significant amount of education, testing, and being coached by a mentor coach. 

This education and certification process has me more excited than ever about coaching. I had an executive coach for about 4 years a few years back, and I have now hired another coach to continue to help me develop at a faster and more efficient pace than I would if I was on my own. My coaches have been invaluable to my development. 

A key part of my business at Triune Leadership Services is coaching. People hire coaches for a number of reasons. My specialty is working with high performance professionals who want to develop their capabilities and achieve their objectives and God-given potential. A few specifics that they might be interested in would be:

  • To make significant changes
  • To make better decisions
  • To set better goals
  • To achieve goals faster
  • To get ahead professionally
  • To have a collaborative partner
  • To make a bigger impact on the world
  • To be a better leader
  • To reduce stress

I help people develop in every sphere of influence in their lives which would include their:

  1. Mind – Ability to think
  2. Heart – Ability to feel
  3. Spirit – Ability to enjoy
  4. Business – Ability to succeed in business
  5. Environment – Ability to increase awareness and control surroundings 

When leaders commit to their own personal development it not only helps them achieve their potential, but it also sets a great example and model for the people that work for them on the importance of development.

I would encourage you to keep developing your skills to maximize the positive impact that you can have on the world! The people within your sphere of influence deserve it.

Mark Deterding