If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God.

1 Peter 4:11


Do you know how to touch your employees’ souls?


There are specific words you can use to move your people, deeply. When you begin using these words consistently, your relationships with the people you lead will change.


People themselves will change, simply by hearing your words. Science has proven again and again that the change is real; it’s physiological and intellectual. And, in my experience, the change can be spiritual, as well.


In every way, when you are courageous in laying these specific words on their ears, people transform for the better. But, the best part?


Through using these words, you can actually help people begin to see themselves as God sees them; as gifted souls who can make invaluable contributions for the significant betterment of this world.


When you help people see themselves this way, imagine what happens. The shift that can’t help but occur.


So, what are the words?


Two weeks ago, you learned The Prayer of Receptiveness. It’s a prayer I use to welcome Jesus to the table, as my personal leadership coach.


Last week, we talked about The Prayer of Creativity; the prayer I use to ask for the Lord’s creative insights to flow through me for the benefit of all I serve.


Today, I’d like to share with you the prayer I use to ask God to help me give people what they need most from me –


Words of encouragement.


When people are encouraged effectively, with thoughtfulness and creativity, they change. They thrive. I’ve seen it time and time again. Yet, to encourage people effectively, you must first discern where they most need encouragement.


Here is the prayer I use to sharpen my perception around where encouragement would be of greatest service:


The Prayer of Perceptiveness for Servant Leaders


Dear God,


I want the people I lead to feel more valued here than they’ve ever felt in any other workplace.


I am in awe of the gifts they bring; gifts that you in your infinite wisdom instilled in them. I know that my primary purpose as a servant leader is to unblock the flow of these gifts – your gifts — into the world.


God, I need your help with this unblocking.


Every one of the people I lead is different. They have different strengths. Different vulnerabilities. Different personalities. Different emotional responses.


I want to encourage each of them at the right time in the right way. I want to fine-tune my encouragement, so that they know – without a shadow of a doubt – that I am absolutely sincere in my appreciation of them.


I can’t accomplish this fine-tuning without your support, God. Though I’ve worked hard to know my people, my perception of what they most need to hear at any given point in time pales in comparison to yours.


[Now, tell God about the team member you feel is in most need of encouragement. Share every detail you can recall. Talk about how the person speaks and the situations in which they stay quiet. Tell stories about their sense of humor, times when they’ve displayed empathy, and times when they’ve stiffened in response to feedback.


God delights in hearing stories about his children! Of course he knows the employee far better than you ever will. But to guide you to encourage and lead this person effectively, he needs you to invest the time and attention in getting to know them, through thoughtful reflection.


Consider, what was this employee’s long and winding path to your organization? What steps have they taken, where have they stumbled, and where might they be feeling insecure? How can you support them to gain confidence in their innate gifts, stretch, and take the next step forward in how they live out their purpose?


Ask God for insight. Share all of these details, and then pause. In the silence that follows, allow your perception of God’s will to expand. God will give you what you need to know. You will discover inspiration in this quiet space. God promises this inspiration to all of us. He wants us to be equipped to lead according to his perfect, loving will!]


Thank you God, for believing in me, as a leader. I covet your encouragement, and I desire nothing more than to pay the encouragement you give me forward, to each and every person I lead.


I’ll talk to you again tomorrow!


In your name I pray,



My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power

1 Corinthians 2:4