WeightlifterLast week I talked about the importance of the character of a servant leader, and that we have a choice to work on enhancing our character.

To review, I shared the following key aspects of a servant leader’s heart that will enhance their effectiveness and level of influence:

  • A true desire to serve others, above and beyond one’s self
  • A true desire for never ending development of one’s ability
  • A true desire to achieve their very best
  • A willingness to always accept responsibility for their actions
  • Committed to be humble and vulnerable
  • A true desire to make a positive impact on society

This week I want to expand on this aspect of choice, and what it truly takes to step into intentionality in trying to improve in this area.

In 2 Corinthians 12:9 the Apostle Paul says “For when I am weak, then I am strong”. I think this is really applicable to our ability to truly improve our character. 

We must first recognize that we have much to improve on when it pertains to these character issues. It is at that time that we will more fully commit to looking for help and guidance to improve in each of these areas.

If we think we have it figured out, and we are the leader that we want to be, we won’t seek out help, and will not improve. All the great servant leaders I have known and read about, had an un-ending desire for improvement in these areas of character. They sought out coaches, mentors, peer groups, teachers, books, etc. to continuously help them improve.

I don’t think you ever fully arrive when it comes to character, instead it is a never-ending process of small consistent steps to model the leader that you want to be. It is over time that character is developed, always knowing that you can be better.

It is truly worth the effort as character will lead to trust, and trust will lead to influence / leadership, which will lead to significant impact in people’s lives. Now that is worthwhile work

Mark Deterding

“Blessed are those who recognize that they are spiritually helpless, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”  Matthew 5:2