I’ve had a couple people in the last few weeks ask me what my target market is for my coaching practice. They were surprised when I shared that I only work with high performing leaders. I think they figured I was in the business of fixing people.

All my clients are extremely high performing leaders that are looking to continue to improve themselves and become the leader God created them to be. They have a burning desire to continue to improve so they stay on top of their game.


10 Attributes You Will See In a High Performing Servant Leader


  1. Passionate Purpose – Being grounded on your purpose will drive all your activities. The more compelling your personal purpose, the more passionate you will be about it. It will drive you out of bed in the morning and push you to improve everyday.


  1. Positive Energy – When you focus on the good in all situations you won’t waste time on negative thinking. Maintaining positive energy will lead to the desire to constantly improve and will be a great example for others to follow.


  1. Discipline – You have to be process-oriented, organized, and a self-starter to build your performance. Many days it won’t seem like you have time to work on improving. But creating disciplined processes and clear goals will allow you to make progress and track your success.


  1. Initiative – You will not improve your performance by osmosis or by counting on others. It is up to you! The drive to get better comes from within and will be fueled by focusing on your purpose and your vision.


  1. Coaching – All high performing people (leaders, athletes, parents, etc.) recognize they cannot do it on their own. You will enhance your performance by working with a coach to help you accelerate your desired progress.


  1. Training – There is always more to learn. Attending training will expose you to new concepts and tools. It will also expose you to others outside of your normal environment, which can lead to new ideas as well.


  1. Reading – The majority of high-performing leaders I know are avid readers. Reading will open your mind to new ideas. It will relax you and challenge you. It will provide for enhanced conversations and will definitely lead to learning.


  1. Tenacity – Don’t give up. High performing leaders exhibit deep reserves of resolve and determination. Believe in progress, not perfection and be relentless in the pursuit of personal improvement.


  1. Ownership – Take complete responsibility of your personal growth. Look in the mirror and say “What can I do today to drive personal development and move closer to the leader God created me to be?” Then get after it!


  1. Humility – Above all stay humble. The Bible says, “When I am weak, then I am strong”. Recognize that the best way to be a high performing leader is to lean on the strength of Jesus working through you. He will provide your way and direction as you walk your journey of servant leadership.


Next Steps Towards High Performance


It is my purpose at Triune Leadership Services to help you become the servant leader that God created you to be. I want you to maximize your God-given gifts and abilities.


In March and April I have a number of options starting to help you in this area.


Servant Leadership Roundtable

  • 2017 will be our seventh year of teaching people how to advance in their journey of servant leadership. Participants come together to learn how to “Lead Jesus’ Way” through cutting edge leadership training and open discussion with other leaders. Each leader finishes the experience with a fully articulated Leadership Portrait.


Coach Approach Leadership Roundtable

  • Participants learn how to take a coach approach to their servant leadership. Developing the skill of asking relevant questions, and being a great listener,  will enhance every aspect of a leader’s life.


Family Portrait Leadership Roundtable

  • Couples learn how to get intentional about the culture of their family. Each couple finishes this class with a fully articulated Family Portrait that will provide direction and positive impact for generations to come.


Advanced Leadership Roundtable

  • Leaders who have been through a minimum of three years of Servant Leadership Roundtable learn from stories and experiences of fellow participants who are driving a culture of servant leadership within their organization.


Servant Leadership Online Training

  • This online training will provide the opportunity for people to learn the principles of “Leading Jesus’ Way” at their own pace through videos, books, and worksheets. Since not everyone can attend LRT in central MN, I wanted to make the experience available to everyone across the world.



  • I love working 1×1 with high performing leaders. If you have a desire to accelerate your progress on your journey of servant leadership I would be honored to work with you.



What are your next steps towards high performance as a servant leader?

 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us Ephesians 3:20