We are living in a world where “Selfie” is now a word. A selfie is a self-portrait typically taken with a smart phone at arms’ length and then posted on social media. Selfies are harmless but the challenge as a servant leader is to not get lost in the age of me, me, me.  Instead we should focus on being selfless.

Selflessness is hard! We would all like to think that we focus on others over ourselves.  A great way to analyze our motives in this area is to do a personal assessment. Do you:

  • Spend more time looking into a mirror concerning yourself with how you are using your time and energy for your own appearance and greater good?


  • Focus on looking out the window at the beautiful world God has created and the people he designed us to be in relationship with.

In this self focused age, I think we risk missing a lot of life and opportunity for helping others if we spend too much time looking in the mirror instead of out the window. By following Jesus’ model we will primarily focus on what we can do to help others achieve their God-given potential.

The greatest example of being truly selfless is obviously Jesus, who went so far as giving his life for others. He lived in a humble home growing up and worked as a carpenter before launching into his ministry. In his ministry, he wandered town to town, visiting the poorest areas and people. He didn’t build himself a beautiful platform and expect others to come to him. He was looking for those who were lost, those who needed healing, those who were willing to receive the gift he had for them.

Focusing on the following will help you maintain a selfless mindset and promote a culture of servant leadership:

  • Broaden your perspective, and focus on listening – Being selfless starts with having the ability to see beyond your personal concerns and being aware of the needs around you.
  • Think about the feelings of others – Empathy goes hand in hand with selflessness, and knowing and understanding how others feel will lead you towards the service of others.
  • Take pleasure in people’s happiness – Relish the good feelings that come when helping others.
  • Model yourself after someone who is selfless – Selflessness is not human nature; therefore we need role models to help show us the way. Ask yourself – What would Jesus do in this situation?

Focusing on the positive impact that you can have on others as opposed to yourself, will Build Relationships and help advance a culture of servant leadership!


Whoever oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God. Proverbs 14:31

Prayer: Ever accepting Father, I am thankful for those that are kind to those in need, and consistently look to serve others. Many times I have placed my needs first, and for that I am sorry. I ask for your guidance to serve others before myself that I might grow in faithfulness and give honor to you. Amen