Servant leaders attract great people to their team. I have been observing a high growth company with a compelling purpose and leaders who have 5-28-13 Team_NEWa heart for service and the greater good for the people that work for them. It is not a surprise to me how they are attracting some of the greatest talent available. People want to be on their team!

Who wouldn’t want to be part of a team, and mentored by leaders with a significant track record of success, and who are totally focused on insuring growth and development for their team members.

One of the key leaders of this organization recently shared his expectations for his senior team with me. At their annual performance review this is what he told his leaders…“I want you to make this the best year of each of your people’s life, personally, professionally, and spiritually.” How would you like to have a boss like that?

This leader is a true servant leader. He totally models this request for his people, as he is absolutely passionate about their development in all aspects of their lives. He has clearly articulated his team’s purpose, values, and vision. He challenges his team with lofty goals, yet puts them in control of how to get it done. And they do a lot of celebrating great performance and milestones met along the way!

He also promotes and provides opportunity for giving back to the community, as well as leads a Bible Study in their workplace for people who are interested. He truly cares about the well being of his people. It is no wonder he has a long list of applicants for any job opening in his area of responsibility.

As a leader, when you focus on the greater good for your employees you are naturally going to attract the top talent available. Top talent leads to organizational success!

Mark Deterding

Day after day men came to help David, until he had a great army, like the army of God.
1 Chronicles 12:22

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Mark Deterding  works with leaders to help them develop core servant leadership capabilities that allow them to lead at a higher level and enables them to achieve their God-given potential.  He does this through clear communication, empowering and developing people to allow them to succeed. He values relationships as well as results, and works to embody his values in all decisions and actions.  For more information visit: