Servant leaders can’t afford to take a day off. On the surface that may sound like an extreme statement. After all, you have often heard me talk about the importance of balance, and never taking a day off doesn’t exactly sound like good balance.

However, I am talking about never taking a day off of the behaviors and character of servant leadership. A leader’s level of influence and significance depends on their commitment, consistency, and dedication to servant leadership behaviors.

I equate this to breaking an addiction. People who are in recovery from any addiction will tell you that you cannot take a day off from the abstinence of whatever they are addicted to. For instance just taking one drink for an alcoholic could quickly lead to a backslide from recovery.

The same holds true for positional (self-serving) leadership. It is so easy for a leader to fall back into thinking about themselves, first and foremost, and believing that they have all the answers due to their position. It takes a great deal of intentionality, perseverance, and courage to be a true servant leader. You can’t take a day off!

Ken Blanchard says one of the key disciplines of a servant leader is spending time in solitude. I feel solitude is fasting from people for a prescribed time to connect with God and replenish the soul. Spending daily time in solitude, focusing on Christ and his model of servant leadership for us, will help a servant leader never take a day off. It is through this daily connection and quiet time with God that any leader can stay focused on servant leadership. 

Reserving a time each day for self-examination and time with the Lord is a great way to stay centered on role your role as a servant leader and keeps you from ever taking a day off!

What are your habits to stay focused on servant leadership?

Mark Deterding

At daybreak, Jesus went out to a solitary place. Luke 4:42