As a servant leader you may never know the difference you are making in other people’s lives.

I recently had an athlete in Germany reach out to me. He shared that he looks forward to my daily tweets and weekly blog posts as an opportunity to glean guidance on servant leadership. He also indicated that it has made a real difference in his outlook on leadership and his life. Awesome!

It seems that week after week, someone new approaches me to share a similar story. I would have never known that they were reading my tweets and blog posts if they had not taken the time to reach out.

These conversations and insights are like water to me after a grueling time of exercise. They are refreshing and provide the necessary energy for continuing in the work that I do.

Never doubt the impact of your actions!

Stay focused on your purpose of making a significant positive impact on other’s lives and of making the world a better place. You might not receive immediate feedback on the difference you are making but if you stay true to your purpose, God will help carry the message where it needs to go.

Also, realize that everyone in your sphere of influence is watching you. They are watching how you spend your time, how you react to different situations, how you make decisions and how you carry yourself throughout the day. Your actions reveal your purpose, so use them appropriately.

Never doubt the impact of encouragement!

Just as this athlete provided encouragement to me, you can have a significant positive impact on people by simply letting them know the difference they are making in your life. No one else may ever tell them so find the courage to reach out to them. Give them the positive feedback everyone needs to keep them going in the work they are doing.

The encouragement you provide is also a great model for others to follow. By lifting people up, you are modeling the way of servant leadership. You can be the water for the exhausted that picks them up on a tough day. You can be the fuel that leads to extraordinary performance.

By staying true to your purpose as a servant leader and consistently looking to encourage others, you will also build relationships that will sustain you as a leader. Having great relationships will carry you through the hard times and make the great times more celebratory.

Serving Others + Encouragement = Relationships & A Better World

Where can you apply this equation in your life?



Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. 1 Peter 4:10