I am going to provide you the “SECRET” to servant leadership today.

There is a lot written about leadership everyday. I read minimally 6 blogs a day on leadership, to continue to sharpen my focus and understanding of effective leadership. This is the 124th Blog I have written on servant leadership. But I have never revealed my “SECRET” until today.

But before I do, I wanted to give you some additional context, as to why today.

In the last week I have been asked numerous times about practices I use to effectively help leaders to lead at a higher level. I am currently teaching our 3rd and 4th Year Leadership Roundtable Groups on the “Coach Approach” to servant leadership.

Taking the “Coach Approach” is a very different mindset than most leaders are used to. It is not just a methodology; rather it is a way of life. A leader that lives their life in this manner:

  • Sets their own agenda aside and gets out of the way so others can grow
  • Creates partnering relationships in an environment of trust
  • Creates discovery instead of solutions
  • Listens
  • Encourages others
  • Lives their life as a model of their own high standards
  • Celebrates 

Just as most of the servant leadership principles that I have shared in the past, these practices of the “Coach Approach” of leadership are not easy to maintain as a matter of course. It takes a significant amount of intentionality and accountability to live your life in this manner.

Which leads me to the “SECRET” of being a successful servant leader and coach. My secret, and what I lean on every day, in fact continually throughout each day, is:


Without asking for God’s guidance, strength, wisdom, and discernment I could not begin to be effective in any of these areas. 

Before I get in front of anyone in a training session I ask for God’s guidance to bring the words that will provide the necessary instruction for the completion of His will in this particular setting.

Before every coaching session that I conduct, I ask God to clear my head of my agenda, and focus on the agenda of the person I am coaching, and help me to partner and listen at a level that will allow me to help them advance their agenda in an accelerated fashion.

This is my “SECRET”, what is your secret to effective servant leadership and coaching?


Since you are my rock and my fortress, for the sake of your name lead and guide me. Psalm 31:3

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