There are many places in the Scriptures that talk about tithing. In 2 Chronicles 31:5 it says:

As soon as the order went out, the Israelites generously gave the first fruits of their grain, new wine, olive oil and honey and all that the fields produced. They brought a great amount, a tithe of everything.

This verse speaks about servant leadership and where you should place your emphasis.


Tithing & Servant Leadership

A tithe is defined as one tenth of your annual produce or earnings. Usually whenever a tithe is mentioned it is around the giving of that 10%. Everyone in this world tithes. You give your first 10% of what you have (time, money, business) to something. You illustrate your allegiances and your priorities by these actions.

The amount of the first 10% and the last 10% is the same. But while the amount is the same, your attitude between the two is very different. It can be the difference between servant leadership, and self-serving leadership.

You are tipping if you give your last 10%.

You are tithing if you give your first 10%.


Differences between Tipping and Tithing:

Tipping                                                Tithing

Owner                                                  Stewardship

Appreciation                                         Allegiance

Control                                                 Trust


Servant leaders recognize that everything they have is a gift from God. This attitude will allow your first response to always be thinking about the greater good of others. Truly tithing the time that God has blessed you with, will lead to you making a significant positive impact on the people’s lives in your sphere of influence.


Attributes of a servant leader who tithes:

  • Prays for others
  • Helps others to achieve their God-given potential
  • Is present and approachable
  • Performs at a very high level
  • Builds relationships
  • Humility


Your future success as a servant leader rests on your faithful response to God’s past faithfulness. I encourage you to focus on growing your allegiance to God and your stewardship of His gifts. Then you will find yourself becoming a servant leader others aspire to follow.


What do you need to shift in your life to become more of a tither than a tipper?

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21