At the end of each year I evaluate my performance to learn what I need to do in the upcoming year to enhance my offerings for those that I serve.

One of the ways that I do that is to evaluate the popularity of my blog posts to understand what resonates most with the followers of Triune Leadership Services. I constantly strive to provide value that can be used to enhance people’s leadership skills and help them to make a positive impact on this world.

I figure if people are sharing a blog post they feel that the information was helpful, and therefore wanted to share it with others. So my barometer to measure the top blog posts for the year is the amount of shares that each blog had. I then take a look at the top posts to see what I can learn to drive improvement for the upcoming year.

I also figure that sharing this list might be helpful, as we have picked up a significant amount of new readers throughout the year and some may have missed some of the popular posts from earlier in the year.

So here you have it:

The Top 10 Triune Leadership Services Blog Posts from 2014

#1 – 8 Components of Extreme Self Care from My Granddaughter (5/6/14)

  • I share the 8 lessons I learned from my 5-month old granddaughter on ways a leader can effectively take care of themself so they can be their very best for the people that they serve.

#2 – 8 Ways a Leader Energizes Their Team (4/29/14)

  • Servant leaders build energy within their teams. In this post I share 8 ways that I have found to effectively energize your team.

#3 – 5 Reasons to Make Time for 1 on 1 Meetings (3/25/14)

  • I share why having a regular regimen of 1×1 meetings with your people is critical, and also provide a sample agenda to insure the effectiveness of those meetings.

#4 – How Well Do You Know Your Candidate? (10/7/14)

  • I encourage people to look for servant leadership qualities when assessing political candidates and share key qualities you would see within a servant leader.

#5 – Are You Living Your Leadership Life to the Fullest? (7/15/14)

  • A servant leader’s focus is distinctly different than a self-serving leader. In this post I share where servant leaders focus their energy.

#6 – Expressing Thanks (11/25/14)

  • I share the importance of leading with an attitude of gratitude, and provide some specific ways to improve in this area.

#7 – Advent Leadership Lessons (12/9/14)

  • In this post I share how the different names of Jesus provide a wonderful model of servant leadership, and challenge each of us to reflect on how we are doing in these areas.

#8 – Revealing My Secret to Servant Leadership (5/20/14)

  • I share how important it is for leaders to take a “Coach Approach” to their leadership and also share my ultimate secret to being an effective servant leader.

#9 – Great Example for All (9/9/14)

  • I share how volunteers illustrate what is truly important when looking at the value of a life.

#10 – Power is Perfected in Weakness (4/1/14)

  • I share why a leader’s vulnerability and their openness to sharing their weaknesses is actually a strength.

Any further feedback on these or other blogs would be extremely helpful in the comments section as I prepare for the upcoming year.

Thank you all so much for reading the Triune Leadership Services Blog during 2014. I am extremely appreciative of your hearts to advance a culture of servant leadership in every aspect of your lives. I know we build this movement of servant leadership one leader at a time, and it will multiply from there. Thank you for doing your part! Our world will be a better place due to your efforts!!

Wishing you God’s richest blessings in 2015!


We always thank God for all of you and continually mention you in our prayers. We remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Thessalonians 1:2-3