This week I am writing my 52nd consecutive weekly blog and am therefore celebrating my 1-year anniversary of Triune Leadership Services. God has blessed this business beyond my wildest expectations in its first year. Any attempt to articulate the impact that this has had on my life would be inadequate. However I thought I would share my “Top 10” Things I love about Triune Leadership Services.

10. Living in Alexandria, MN

9. The moral support and encouragement of my family, friends, and past work associates

8. My coaches and mentors – Chris, Vern, Tim, Tom, Dan, Tracy

7. Kim’s (my wife) support to start TLS and her continued guidance

6. Helping organizations build a culture of servant leadership

5. Leadership Roundtable participants sharing how the training has impacted them

4. The personal development and learning for myself everyday

3. My awesome clients 

2. My Corporate Purpose 

1. The Holy Spirit working through the business to impact leaders

I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work with so many high-performing leaders that have a desire to make positive impact within their sphere of influence and in the world. Their hearts for servant leadership inspire me daily.

I am looking forward to the second year of Triune Leadership Services and seeing what God has in store for our future. I am very optimistic that the things I love about this business will continue to grow.