This is my final message to our new President of the United States. I really appreciate him allowing me to share some thoughts on what I feel will lead to his success as our 45th President.


Letter to the President – “The Secret”

Dear Mr. President,

Thank you for reading my thoughts the last two weeks on what I feel will help you to be a servant leader of significant influence and how to make a positive impact on our nation.

I have a couple of final thoughts that I think will aid you in your position. While I have a deep respect for anyone who has risen through the ranks to the top leadership role in our great nation, I know that no one can perform any position of significant leadership on their own – it takes a team.


Build a “Dream Team”

Be sure to consistently seek advice from the right people. Don’t just go to people who will tell you want you want to hear. Seek advice from people that will tell you what you need to hear.

President Lincoln was famous for this. The book, “Team of Rivals” details how Lincoln assembled a team of the most knowledgeable people he could find; some were even his opponents in the election process. History would say, had he not possessed the wisdom and confidence to select and work with the best people, he could not have led the nation through one of its darkest periods.


Seek Counsel from the Lord

I encourage you to lean on God for your daily guidance on everything! Read the Bible and pray daily. Follow God’s Word and His guidance that He provides you in your prayer time, over public opinion.

In Philippians 4:4-7 it says to “Rejoice in the Lord always!” It also says do not worry about anything, but instead take all your concerns to God in prayer. He will provide answers and you will experience “peace beyond all understanding.” That is a promise that you can take to the bank!


Be a Student and Learn from History

As I have mentioned in the last two letters, there are many great leaders and situations to learn from in the past. Please study them and lead appropriately. I think you will find that leaders who were humble with high moral authority and personal character have been the most successful.

I think you will also find that history is clear that God’s judgment will come to people and nations that turn their back on God. I want our top leader to personally lean on God’s wisdom and guidance for their decision-making and leadership style. I think our nation will be better off for it than not.


I appreciate you listening and considering all these thoughts on what might lead to a successful Presidency for you, and a prosperous time for our nation.

I will continue to pray for our nation, your leadership, all people in leadership positions, and me to model and lead Jesus’ way.

In great humility and respect,

Mark Deterding


Your Reflections

Hopefully you noticed that I never called the President by name in any of these letters. That is because it is not important who is in the role. These letters apply to any person who is in any leadership capacity. This is for all of us.

We can rest on the fact that God is sovereign and He is in control. I encourage you to step into intention on your journey of leading Jesus’ way, and help others around you to do the same thing.

You are a leader doing significant work that can make a positive difference in this world that will have an impact for generations. I pray for each of you as well, as you are truly the future of our nation!!


For nothing will be impossible with God. Luke 1:37