I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to build a business focused on awakening leader’s hearts and equipping them with servant leadership skills that will transform their personal lives as well as those they interact with.

I feel God’s hand all over this journey, and am humbled to have had all the great people in my life that have prepared me for this time. In my opening blog I thought I would share the background of the name and logo of the business – Triune Leadership Services.

As mentioned, God has enabled this endeavor, and therefore the Triune aspect of the name is clearly a reference to the Triune God. It is also a very clear picture of what servant leadership is all about, which is the focus of the Triune Leadership Services.

As the Creator of all things, we should all be in service to God and what He has done for us. He sent his son, Jesus to be our model on how we should Live, Lead, & Love and be true servants while here on earth. And thirdly, it is the Holy Spirit that lives within us and transforms our hearts for a life of service.

The logo is an upside-down triangle, which is representative of servant leadership. As Ken Blanchard once told me, we should all have an E.G.O. but it should stand for Exalt God Only.

I really look forward to being of service to those who aspire to servant leadership and want to give that gift to others as well.

Make each day significant!

Mark Deterding