As you journey towards becoming the servant leader that God created you to be, He will want you to fix your eyes upon things that endure. In other words, have a vision of 10,000 years as opposed to just 2-3 years.

There is a huge difference between a focus on inheritance and a focus on legacy. Anyone can leave an inheritance. An inheritance is something tangible that you leave to your family or loved ones, but it will fade over time. A legacy on the other hand is something that you leave in your family, loved ones and those around you.

Developing and working towards a long-term vision connected to eternity will define and fulfill you as a servant leader. But how does this play out in your real world?

Building a 10,000 Year Vision

Servant leaders with their eye on 10,000 years and a legacy, focus on the following when leading people:

  • Connecting people to their personal foundation (purpose, vision and values) and encouraging them to play out that foundation in all aspects of their life, including their work.
  • Building energy:
    • By letting the people around you know how important they are to the achievement of the organization’s purpose and vision
    • By allowing people to operate within their strengths and putting them in control of their destiny by leading them according to their passion and competency of their work
    • By recognizing them for the great work they are doing
    • By investing in them to enable them to improve
  • Building people’s performance by laying out clear expectations and consequences in all aspect of their life – professionally / spiritually / personally and then helping them to achieve their goals.
  • Building relationships by respecting everyone, listening as opposed to providing answers, and being present and approachable at all times.

You will notice the focus is on people as opposed to the results. When you focus on people, you won’t have to worry about the results. As Ken Blanchard likes to say, “The results will be the applause for doing the right thing in working with people.”

Shift your focus to people and you will leave a legacy – with a 10,000 year impact.

So where is your focus today? What do you need to do to shift your vision from short-term inheritance to a boundless legacy?



Do not be overawed when others grow rich, when the splendor of their houses increases; 
for they will take nothing with them when they die, their splendor will not descend with them.  Psalm 49:16-17