This is the 100th blog I have written since I started Triune Leadership Services, LLC. That is something to celebrate for me, as I have never seen myself as much of a writer. I however have found writing this weekly article to be a very rewarding part of my work, based on the feedback I receive.

I am also celebrating another very significant event in my family’s life this week as we welcomed our first grandchild into the world, Sylvia Grace Deterding. Seeing this miracle of a new life, and the amazing aspect of God’s creation and blessing, along with it being my 100th blog, I thought it appropriate to review why I started Triune Leadership Services and the origin of the name of the company.

I started the company to do everything I could to spread the understanding of servant leadership, and the impact leaders could have in their sphere of influence if they followed Jesus as their ultimate model of leadership. It is my daily purpose to Glorify God, by helping leaders to lead at a higher level to enable them to achieve their God-given potential. I help leaders to improve their lives and contribute to significant change that makes a difference. I want to move this world to focus on servant leadership by working with leaders who will then impact their families, their organizations, and their communities. Through multiplication we can have a significant positive impact on the world!

I chose the name Triune Leadership Services in reference to the Holy Trinity as I felt it captured all aspects of servant leadership.

First, God the Father is the creator of everything we enjoy on a daily basis and the giver of all of our blessings. Sylvia’s birth brought this into acute focus for me again this week! With this understanding we have to be in awe of our great God, and want to serve Him and others in all we do! 

Second, Jesus the Son is the perfect model of servant leadership. Throughout his entire life on earth he clearly modeled a unique humility and an acute focus on God’s purpose for his life. In doing so he was in service to all mankind in giving up his life to save ours. We can learn everything we need to know about leadership by following his guidance and model.

Third, the Holy Spirit provides the power that each of us needs to be intentional in our efforts to be a servant leader. Servant leadership does not come naturally, in that it is not human nature to think about others first. The Holy Spirit provides the strength and guidance necessary to focus our efforts on serving others.

I am so excited and thankful for God’s gift of a precious new granddaughter. I look forward to God’s guidance to help me be intentional about providing a positive influence to her throughout her life.

I am also thankful to all of you who have regularly read this blog for the last two years. Please always let me know how I can be of better service to you!

Mark Deterding

 Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness. Genesis 1:26