Do you ever look at certain people and wonder how they seem to be so successful in their areas of expertise? I love to analyze people that perform at a high level and determine what sets them apart from the pack.

One common denominator always seems to be their heart for servant leadership, or saying it another way, their focus on others as opposed to themselves.

But digging further on that, how have they gotten to that point? What has led to their high performance in this area? I believe it to be coaching.

They have engaged in a process where they are constantly working on personal development, and they have found the best way to get that done is to have a personal coach.

The highest performing athletes have numerous coaches. It is the same with leaders, and quite frankly anyone who has a desire to perform at their highest level.

The following are reasons I have seen people seek out a coach:

  • To help them discern their Purpose / Vision / & Values
  • To make significant changes
  • To grow spiritually
  • To make better decisions
  • To set better goals / reach goals faster
  • To get ahead professionally
  • To have a collaborative partner
  • To improve their relationships
  • To make a bigger impact on the world
  • To be a better leader
  • To simplify their lives
  • To reduce stress
  • To be held accountable

I have hired three different coaches over the last 10 years, all of which have helped me achieve my goals in a more effective fashion.

  • I hired a coach to help me learn how to effectively drive a purpose-driven, values-based culture and enhance my leadership skills
  • I hired a mentor coach to continue to enhance my coaching skills
  • I hired a book writing coach to help me write a book

I would boldly say that each of these coaches have taken me to levels that I would definitely have not gotten on my own. They hold me accountable for what I want to achieve and celebrate with me when progress is made.

Servant leaders have a passion for personal development so they can be the very best for the people they are serving. A great way to ensure progress on development is to work with a coach.

What are you doing to ensure progress towards your personal development goals?

Mark Deterding

The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out. Proverbs 20:5