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Servant Leadership is a leadership framework that turns the traditional leadership philosophy upside down and empowers leaders to achieve their God-given potential by serving. Servant Leadership models the leadership philosophy of Jesus and enables leaders to create a positive, purpose-driven, values-based culture.

Discover your true purpose and get the support you need on your leadership journey


Are you feeling supported as a leader?
Do you understand your true purpose?
If you are like most executives, you haven’t received the support to gain this understanding. This is also why you may be struggling to find the deep satisfaction and joy in your leadership role.

At Triune Leadership Services, we equip leaders in a wide range of industries and roles to understand and live out their deepest purpose, so they can build servant cultures and create lasting impact in their organizations and beyond.

Achieve breakthrough results. Transform your organization.

Companies that adapt the Servant Leadership Model perform better, have higher employee satisfaction, lower turnover, and higher profit.

Alexandria Industries

85% increase in sales

75% increase in earnings

22% increase in # of employees


*Results at 5 year benchmark of faith-based servant leadership

Knute Nelson

182% increase in people served

135% increase in sales

17% increase in employee engagement


 *Results at 5 year benchmark of faith-based servant leadership

Aagard Group

108% increase in sales

71% increase in # of employees

*Results at 4 year benchmark of faith-based servant leadership

Create positive impact on people’s lives


Whether you have hundreds of direct reports, or you’re leading a small team, practicing servant leadership will enable you to build a purpose-driven culture and to empower and engage your team members to live out their purpose, perform at their highest level, find joy in their work and become servant leaders themselves.

As a servant leader, you will have the opportunity and the tools to impact everyone in your sphere of influence – in the workplace, at home, and in your community.

Learn actionable strategies and tools to elevate your leadership


At Triune leadership Services, we believe that theory without actionable plan – is just theory, and doesn’t produce a long-term impact. Our purpose and passion is to create a transformation within the individual leader and the organization as a whole, and we use proven tools to help our clients become true servant leaders.

Helping You Achieve Success

Leverage a Proven Leadership Framework + 35 years of Leadership Expertise to get results in your organization 

Mark delivers a unique coaching and training experience by blending the servant leadership model illustrated by Jesus with his own 35 years of direct leadership experience leading thousands of employees.
Ready to become a servant leader and help your team to do the same? Get a custom-designed coaching and training program for your organization!

Leading Jesus Way Book

Leading Jesus’ Way 

Reading Leading Jesus’ Way will move your focus from success to significance.  It has taught me how my role as an executive leader can have a life changing positive impact on those around me.  By following the servant leadership principles outlined in Leading Jesus’ Way, you will become a more effective leader as well as gain personal fulfillment in your life and career.”

~ Michael Murphy, Printing Industry Executive


Hi, I’m Mark. For 35 years, I have personally led large organizations and teams. I understand the challenges of running a business from “sitting in the chair” and can directly relate to your day-to-day issues as an executive. In the past 10 years, I have been coaching executives and emerging leaders on creating a culture of servant leadership, and providing them with proven tools and expertise to transform their organizations.

Real Companies. Real Leaders. Real Results.

Warning! If you participate in Triune Leadership Services’ Faith-Based Servant Leadership Training, and read Leading Jesus’ Way, be ready to radically change your life and your approach to leadership. The results speak for themselves, but the true value is the positive impact you will have on people’s lives within your sphere of influence.

~ Tom Schabel, Owner & CEO, Alexandria Industries

Alexandria Industries

The Faith-based Servant Leadership principles that Mark so clearly outlines in his training and in his book Leading Jesus’ Way have helped me understand my personal purpose, and how to drive a culture of servant leadership at Knute Nelson. By leading Jesus’ Way, our leaders have strengthened our culture beyond measure to grow our capacities to serve and live out our mission.

~ Mark Anderson, President & CEO, Knute Nelson

Knute Nelson

Bible principles work! Aagard has leveraged the servant leadership training that Mark outlines in his book Leading Jesus’ Way to build a company that has more fun, wins more often, and better serves its customers.

~ Brenton Smith, Owner & CEO, Aagard Group

Aagard Group

“The servant leadership principles in Leading Jesus’ Way are life changing.  Gaining God’s perspective for the purpose of my life as a servant leader has provided the prospective, energy and focus to make a true difference in my personal and professional life. You will be blessed by leading Jesus’ way!”

~ Peter J. Nelson, President, Glenwood State Bank

Glenwood State Bank

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