Become the SERVANT


God Created YOU to be.

Become the SERVANT


God Created YOU to be.

Have you ever felt the tug inside that you were meant for more?

God is specifically calling you, right now. You were designed to be a leader within your work, your community, your family and within your own personal life. You were created to be a SERVANT LEADER.

This isn't something you can achieve on your own. It takes re-learning what you thought you knew about leadership and implementing a new course of action which will increase your influence, effectiveness and significance.

The road to servant leadership starts here. Are you ready?

Mark is an engaging and compelling speaker and trainer on the topic of servant leadership. Attendees to one of his seminars will come away with a clear understanding of what it means to be a servant leader, an appreciation for how this management style will positively change your organization and the critical first steps for improving your impact as a leader.

~ Rochelle Shirk, Owner of Savvy Planning

Mark Deterding is one of the strongest, most values-aligned leaders I have ever known. He has embraced servant leadership and proactive culture management like no other senior executive I’ve worked with over my 25 years in this business. If you’re interested in going down this road, Mark will be a fabulous coach and partner for you.”

~ Chris Edmonds,  Ken Blanchard Companies

Mark’s model of servant leadership has had a tremendous impact on my life, as well as on Douglas Machine. Our leaders have experienced a transformation into leading with a servant’s heart and leading from the bottom up instead of directing. This way of leadership, which comes out of caring for people, is absolutely amazing and will have a positive impact for years to come.

~Vern Anderson, Chairman of Douglas Machine Inc.

Mark’s ability to teach and draw upon servant leadership as modeled by Jesus Christ is outstanding. The principles he shares have significantly impacted all aspects of my life and leadership…at home, in business and within my community. I’m confident it will have the same impact on you!

~ Jeremy Duininck, Vice President of Prinsco

My wife continues to testify that our weekend with Mark, establishing our Family Portrait, is still the most important weekend of our many years of marriage.  Working with Triune Leadership Services will empower you to have a greater understanding of the influence servant leadership can have on your life.

~ Doug Wing, Senior Pastor of Grace Life Church

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