Transforming lives and cultures through servant leadership

Contrary to what you may believe, institutionalizing a culture of servant leadership is not a “soft” approach to management. It takes dedication and a life-long commitment to serving others, measuring results, and equipping yourself and everyone on your team to live with purpose. Triune Leadership Services can help you discover the power of servant leadership! The only question is, when are you ready to begin?

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Meet Triune Leadership Services


Founded in 2010, Triune Leadership Services is on a mission to awaken the servant hearts within leaders and empower them to make a significant impact on the world.

With over 75 years of combined leadership experience, we aim to equip leaders around the world with the principles of servant leadership that will enable them to mentor people within their sphere of influence and cascade a culture of servant leadership to make a positive impact on society.

Meet Mark Deterding

Founder and Principal, Triune Leadership Services

Mark is the founder and principal of Triune Leadership Services. Mark’s vision in starting the organization was to build up servant leaders and to transform organizational cultures.

After working in executive positions in nationally known corporations for 35 years, Mark understands that the only way to lead people and teams to fulfill their God-given potential is through servant leadership. As a trusted expert in servant leadership, he has successfully navigated industry-leading companies through culture change — not only as an organizational leader, but also as a coach and consultant. Through his “boots on the ground” experience and training, Mark brings an effective blend of actionable processes, proven tools, and applicable expertise to guide executives and emerging leaders onto a path of servant leadership; a path that leads to success and significance.

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  • 35 Years Executive Leadership Experience
  • ICF – Certified Executive Coach
  • Author of “Leading Jesus’ Way” and “A Model of Servant Leadership”
  • Featured in Ken Blanchard’s book “Leading at a Higher Level”
  • Speaker at Ken Blanchard’s Executive Forum in both 2007 & 2011

Meet David Schmidgall

Partner, Triune Leadership Services

David’s career spans 25 years, with a majority of that time spent in an executive role in a multi-generational family-owned business with six locations across four states. Culture at the century-old business had become stuck and stagnant and was often hard on people, tolerant of bad behaviors and encouraged silos and politics. Servant leadership was the foundation that transformed the organization, and it was made possible because of an incredible team committed to serving others even when it came with a personal cost. Ultimately this led to significant financial results, higher retention rates, more consistent values to behaviors and life-long friendships.

David also led through significant periods of change management including a cash crisis in 2007-2009 and two acquisitions, the first being private in 2011 and the second public in 2021.

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  • 25 years of information technology and executive experience serving privately-held organizations in the manufacturing sector
  • Significant experience in change and crisis management
  • Keynote speaker at industry association events, leadership summits and men’s events
  • Family vision practioner and coach
  • Currently completing ICF certification

Meet Andrew Leikvoll

Partner, Triune Leadership Services

Before joining Triune Leadership Services, Andrew was part of a team that developed and scaled an industry-leading weight management solution delivered exclusively through licensed healthcare providers, including partnerships with some of the nation’s premier hospitals and health systems. Following an exit to a private-equity group, Andrew was asked to serve in an executive role leading a variety of teams across several functions and geographies.

Andrew has lead through seasons of explosive organizational growth as well as challenging economic and industry cycles and is convinced that servant leadership is the only sustainable leadership style. Andrew brings a passion for servant leadership and a diversity of experience to serve coaching and corporate training clients.

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  • 15 years of entrepreneurial and executive experience serving organizations in the construction, energy, healthcare and manufacturing sectors
  • Expertise with complex sales opportunities & strategic partnerships requiring a consultative approach to account for multiple stakeholders
  • Extensive experience leading business development & support teams across North America
  • Recognized speaker & trainer spanning organization-sponsored events to industry conferences across North America

Our Values

Honor God in everything we do.

“Whatever we do, we work at it with all our heart…It is the Lord Jesus that we are serving” – Colossians 3:23, 24

Relationships drive results.

We choose to exhibit the behaviors outlined in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8: Patience, Kindness, Humility, Respectfulness, Selflessness, Forgiveness, Honesty, Commitment. When we do so, we view client partnerships and their success as the real reward.

Commitment to excellence.

We deliver on our commitments.

We continually advance our knowledge and the value we provide on behalf of our clients.


Trust one another.

We trust our clients and vendors.

We earn trust through honesty and integrity in all we do.


Our Philosophy

True, lasting transformation is not possible without Jesus


We believe at work, as in life, we cannot maximize our potential as servant leaders, without recognizing the saving grace of Jesus and ourselves being transformed because of our relationship with him. The outward transformation in how we lead, and our behavior, is driven by this inward transformation.

You don’t have to have direct reports to be a leader


While many organizations focus on training and growing their current leaders, we believe that servant leadership training is valuable for all team members, from executives, to emerging leaders, to employees. Empowering all team members to practice the servant leadership framework creates a cultural alignment within the organization and positively impacts performance and employee relationships, as well as elevates team members’ leadership skills, allowing them to be better leaders not just at work, but at home and in the community

Anyone can learn to apply the servant leadership approach


Whether you are an intern, a new leader or an executive with years of experience under your belt, you can learn to apply the servant leadership philosophy. Likewise, whether you grew up in church or you are new to the teachings of Jesus, you can learn from his leadership model and use servant leadership skills in your everyday life.

Theory not supported by actionable tools doesn’t create a true transformation


At Triune Leadership Services, we value application. Simply learning a concept doesn’t often make a lasting difference in leaders’ lives. We are passionate about helping you operationalize each concept that we teach through practice, role-play, and a number of other proven tools that allow you and your team to become confident practitioners of servant leadership.

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