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The Faith-based Servant Leadership principles that Mark so clearly outlines in his training and in his book Leading Jesus’ Way have helped me understand my personal purpose, and how to drive a culture of servant leadership at Knute Nelson.

Mark Anderson, President and CEO

Knute Nelson

Mark – Thank you once again for such an amazing journey! I can honestly say I will be missing the  opportunity to attend class each month. It is something that I looked forward to. I found so much  growth and opportunity from this and can’t wait to continue on with your other courses.

Colleen McNaab

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Let us design a custom servant leadership training program for your organization!


Whether your business is new or mature, large or small, local or global, we are happy to design a tailored servant leadership program for your organization. Your program may include a blend of online courses, live online training and the leadership roundtable. We may also add 1:1 coaching to maximize the servant leadership impact in your organization.

Ready to transform how you operate and raise up passionate and effective servant leaders to propel your business?

Discussion topics


An actionable model for stepping into becoming the servant leader that God created you to be


Insight into how Jesus, the master servant leader, modeled servant leadership for us


How to build a Foundation for your personal life, family life, and professional life


How to build Energy and engagement within your team


How to build Performance where everyone is winning


How to effectively build Relationships that will last a lifetime


How to build your personal Character that will greatly enhance your level of influence

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