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About Servant Leadership RoundTable

Year 1: Leading Jesus’ Way

Year 2: Coach Approach

Year 3: Leading Jesus’ Way, Advanced

Family Roundtable

About Servant Leadership RoundTable

Hello there. I’m Mark Deterding, author of Leading Jesus’ Way and founder of Triune Leadership Services. 

Every year, people just like you enroll in my Servant Leadership RoundTables so that they can learn exactly how to become the servant leaders God created them to be — humble yet influential, compassionate yet effective.

Here are my executive and coaching credentials:

  • 27 Years Executive Leadership Experience;
  • ACC Accredited;
  • ICF – Certified Executive Coach;
  • Author of “Leading Jesus’ Way” and “A Model of Servant Leadership”;
  • Featured in Ken Blanchard’s book “Leading at a Higher Level”;
  • Speaker at Ken Blanchard’s Executive Forum in both 2007 & 2011;
  • Founder and Principal of Triune Leadership Services, LLC.

I’d be honored if you would scroll down through this page and learn more about each of Triune’s Servant Leadership RoundTable programs.

When you’re ready to ask questions or enroll in one of our programs, you can email me directly: Mark@TriuneLeadershipServices.com.

Year 1: Leading Jesus’ Way

In a group of your peers, you will learn an actionable, proven model of servant leadership based on the life of Jesus, the master servant leader. You will gain an understanding of 5 key areas that servant leaders are responsible to build that will enable you to become the leader that God created you to be and others want to follow. Throughout the training, you will build your personal Leadership Portrait — a profound tool that will support you to lead like Jesus, both professionally and personally.

At the end of the program, you will have:

  • Your Personal Leadership Portrait;
  • An actionable model of faith-based servant leadership;
  • Understanding of how you can bring your faith into how you lead in order to draw out the best from yourself and others;
  • A manual for building energy, relationships, performance, and character within yourself and the team you lead;
  • Access to a vibrant network of successful Christian business leaders who have measurably improved business results through leading Jesus’ way.
  • ZOOM Online Morning Session:  March 9 through June 8, 2021
  • ZOOM Online Afternoon Session: March 16 through June 15 2021
  • ZOOM Morning Session: 2nd / 4th Tuesday of each month / 7:00 – 9:00 a.m.
  • ZOOM Afternoon Session: 1st / 3rd Tuesday of each month / 3:30 – 5:30 p.m.

Tuition: $1,000 per participant

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Year 2: Coach Approach

As the next step in your servant leadership journey, you will learn how to take a “coach approach” to fostering servant leadership in others, both professionally and personally. Jesus was a fantastic model of taking a “coach approach” as He worked with His disciples to prepare them for Kingdom work after He was gone. Key learnings will include how to partner with people in driving performance and the specific skills of an effective coach.

  • ZOOM Online Sessions: March 16 through June 1, 2021
  • ZOOM Online Sessions: 1st / 3rd Tuesday of each month / 7:00 – 9:00 a.m.

Tuition: $1,000 per participant

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Year 3: Leading Jesus’ Way, Advanced

Take your servant leadership journey to the next level. Hear from leaders within the community who have implemented a culture of servant leadership within their organizations. Each session will focus on key areas that servant leaders build as part of their leadership. These sessions will be heavily focused on discussion and learning from fellow participants. You will have an opportunity to share how you have implemented a culture of servant leadership within your own sphere of influence, and get game-changing feedback on your deepest challenges.

  • ZOOM Online Session: March 18 through November 18, 2021
  • ZOOM Online Session: 3rd Thursday of each month / 6:30 am – 8:30 am

Tuition: $1,000 per participant

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Family Roundtable

  • ZOOM Online Sessions:  March – June 2021
  • ZOOM Online Sessions: TBD for 2021

Tuition: $1,000 / Couple

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Praise from industry leaders for Servant Leadership RoundTable:

“The LRT is life-transforming training. It helps articulate leadership skills you have, and ones you need. It is excellent on so many levels. Every leader in every community will benefit.”~ Jeremiah Swor

“LRT was a great program for me to ask some very difficult, but important questions about myself as a leader. The environment is open and it is a comfortable place to make you vulnerable to the point of humility.”~ Isaac Uphus

“LRT is not just a random class with topics that are dated. It is constantly adapting to the ever-changing work and business climate. I learned more about my leadership strengths and shortcomings here than anywhere else. Couple that with measuring servant leadership against that of Christ really gives you something great to aspire to.”~ Kevin Taylor

“Mark Deterding did a great job of presenting the material in a manner that you could easily understand and fit into your own situations and experiences. I highly recommend the Leadership Roundtable to anyone that is looking to improve his or her leadership style and take it to the next level.”~ Kevin Taylor

“Marrying the principles of servant leadership directly to Bible scriptures opened my eyes to a whole new perspective. My hunger to understand the living example of Jesus is like nothing I’ve experienced before.”~ Michelle Gist

“Even though the Servant Leadership model is not new to me, participating in the Year 1 session was very beneficial. The principles that are taught not only make you a better employee, they are tenants that can be applied to all aspects of your life. My marriage and overall family life are better because of this curriculum.”~ Chris Ebne

“LRT helps you become the leader God has called you to be. You will not regret this class and you’ll even want more. You will hunger for this class.”~ Jena Hillenbrand

“Coach Approach LRT provided the teaching and application I needed to jump into coaching others. I have grown into a confident cheerleader and ambassador of Servant Leadership throughout our organization.”~ Ben Bomstad

“I work for Alexandria Industries whose values are based upon Servant Leadership. Looking to improve my skills in Servant Leadership and specifically in coaching others, I participated in Mark’s Leadership Roundtable 2016. Mark has a method of engaging his students and training others that is second to none. I was able to not only improve my own leadership skills, but also simultaneously coach another individual and help him become a better servant leader for his people. The skills and knowledge I took away from the 2016 LRT will be of benefit for my entire life, both personally and professionally.”~ Tom Welle

“The Servant Leadership Coach Approach has strengthened my leadership skills by enhancing my confidence in coaching, being able to see people in a positive way and becoming a better listener.”~ Roger Thomas

“I have found Leadership Roundtable to be very helpful in my leadership journey. The Advanced LRT encouraged us to take what we have learned over the past few years and share it with others, to pass along the insight we have gained and look for ways to serve others. LRT along with a number of other contributors feeding into my life simultaneously have caused me to step back and take more time to consider those coming after me. To really consider my legacy and what it is that I want to leave behind. One of the ways this has been lived out is in the decision to begin leading a study in our home on the book Stepping Up, by Dennis Rainey. I believe this is just one of the many results of taking the time to identify my personal purpose statement, (to be a true reflection of God’s love; to honor God and serve others with a genuine passion for life) defining my vision, and spelling out my key values. LRT has given me a greater focus and enabled me to be much more intentional in looking for opportunities to serve and support others.”~ Mark Larson

“LRT has changed my view on leadership. It has helped me establish a foundation of servant leadership for my business and given me a clear vision of what I want my business and my career to look like. The sessions are amazing every time and are thought provoking and directly impact how I relate to my employees and run my business.”~ Dr. Dan Einerson

“LRT, for the fourth year, has been instrumental in developing me as a person both in my home and at work.”~ Stu Wood

“LRT is not just something “leaders” within an organization can benefit from. Each and every one of us has the opportunity to influence others every day! The roundtable process gives you the time to grow as an individual and work towards bettering yourself through interactions with others and using the blessings of God.”~ Cindy Frederick

“The Advanced LRT helped me not only understand why I think a certain way based on my personality but helped me come to an understanding of how I can eliminate some of the negative tendencies of my personality and to utilize the positive aspects in a much more affective way.”~ Ken Snyder

“Even at my age so much to learn and apply in life both business and personal. I enjoyed every session, especially the Human Metrics Jung Typology test. LRT is having a big impact in our community.”~ Vern Anderson

“Effectively managing ourselves and our relationships is an impossible task without understanding how we and others are wired. As leaders, our level of awareness and what we do with it will either enable or constrain our effectiveness. The Advanced LRT utilized some really solid assessments and models to help attendees increase their awareness, and tools to enhance their influence. This year ranks as one of my favorites.”~ Jon Ballou

I’m ready to enroll in Servant Leadership RoundTable. mailto:mark@triuneleadershipservices.com