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Servant leadership is not easy. It takes greater self-awareness, deeper self-control, and commitment. If you are a high-performing individual or executive looking to enhance your servant leadership capabilities, you would benefit tremendously from 1:1 coaching.

Here at Triune, you can access 1:1 executive coaching with either Mark Deterding or Sara Thingvold.

  • 35 Years Executive Leadership Experience
  • ICF – Certified Executive Coach
  • Author of “Leading Jesus’ Way” and “A Model of Servant Leadership”
  • Featured in Ken Blanchard’s book “Leading at a Higher Level”
  • Speaker at Ken Blanchard’s Executive Forum in both 2007 & 2011
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  • Certified MCLC (Master Certified Life Coach)
  • ICF – ACC Certified Executive Coach
  • Assistant Facilitator, Learning Journeys International Center of Coaching
  • Gottman’s Trained Leader, 7 Principals of Making Marriage Work and Bringing Baby Home
  • Practitioner, Master, and Narrative Coaching Certifications
  • B.A. Psychology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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Partner with Sara and get equipped with tools proven to heighten your emotional intelligence (EQ). Become a team member who can recognize and deliver the support your colleagues need. Understand how applying heightened EQ takes your servant leadership to the next level and improves your own and others’ engagement, productivity, and delivery upon Key Responsibility Areas (KRAs).

Get straightforward strategies to care for yourself, regulate your emotions, embrace deeper vulnerability and authenticity, and shift your own and others’ self-defeating habits. Learn proven strategies to change your behavior within your key action areas so that you can serve more meaningfully and effectively. Understand the steps you can take to foster the development of emotionally healthy relationships and teams.

Learn the practices of Extreme Self-Care and improve your Mind-body-Spirit connection. Heighten your self-awareness and pinpoint the habits that erode your mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. Get strategies for managing your personal and professional commitments without sacrificing your health, relationships, or the fulfillment of your KRAs.

Sara is a Trained Gottman Institute Leader for Emotional Coaching, which means that her coaching approach leverages 40 years of extensive research into happy vs. distressed couples. Did you know that all couples enter marriage with a 50% chance of failure, and that 87% of marriages begin to drastically disintegrate after the birth of the first baby? Partner with Sara, and get equipped with tools proven to help you heighten your EQ, prevent the disintegration of your marriage and family, and become an emotionally responsive partner and parent.

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Servant Leadership Training

Transform your organization’s culture through customized servant leadership training specifically tailored to fit your unique needs. Work directly with Mark to collaboratively create an environment that fosters the service mindset, increased performance, and significant business results. This in-person training will help you embed servant leadership principles and practices throughout all areas of your organization.

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Learn the basics of servant leadership as shown through the life of Jesus. Along with principles to help you lead, get real life examples of how to live and lead Jesus’ way. As an added bonus, when you purchase Mark’s latest book, gain access to additional learning materials for even more insight and applicable use to truly become the servant leader God created you to be.

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Online Training

Discover the Online Leadership Roundtable — an online opportunity designed to help you step into your journey of servant leadership and leading Jesus’ way. Through the Roundtable Experience, you get customized training from Mark based on his book Leading Jesus’ Way, that will enable you to become the servant leader God created you to be. Start by building your foundation, then learn how to build energy, performance, relationships, and character — both within yourself and across your organization. You will leave the experience with a wealth of information, a well articulated Leadership Portrait, and new friends and relationships that will help you continue your significant leadership journey.

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Servant Leadership RoundTable

In a group of your peers, learn an actionable, proven model of servant leadership based on the life of Jesus, the master servant leader. Gain an understanding of 5 key areas that servant leaders are responsible to build that will enable you to become the leader that God created you to be and others want to follow. Throughout the training, build your personal Leadership Portrait — a profound tool that will support you to lead like Jesus, both professionally and personally.

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Family Training

Aligning Jesus’ model of leadership with your family’s calling is a profound and transformational experience. Sara Thingvold offers two services in addition to the Family Roundtable to help you bring servant leadership into the fabric of your family: Family Portrait retreats and Family Coaching sessions.

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